Test your project under extreme conditions without a physical prototype.


Professional fluid dynamics analysis and meaningful diagnostics for complex projects.

Hydraulic Engineering

Dams | Spillways | Tainter Gates | Energy Dissipators | River Hydraulics | Breakwaters | Vegetation | and more

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC-R)

Datacenters | Clean Rooms | Shopping Malls | Fitness Centers | Factories | Tunnels | Garages | Classrooms | and more

Quality of Electronics Cooling

Computers | Power Conversors | Power Transformers | and more

Performance of compressors, propellers, pumps, valves and cavitation risk analysis

Pollutant Dispersion and wind loads in buildings

(in close partnership with STE – Science, Technology and Engineering)

Quality of casting projects

Investment | Die Casting | Tilt Die Casting | Gravity | Centrifugal | and others

(in close partnership with STE – Science, Technology and Engineering)

Análise CFD do escoamento de grãos em uma colheitadeira usando DEM (Discrete Element Method)

harvesting, Grain transport, grain drying and silo bag filling

Computational tool

Commercial softwares are the ones chosen for an efficient analysis of complex problems of aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, heat transfer and flow of particles involving a variety of conditions or geometric changes, always employing the most appropriate modeling strategies with respect to the client’s objectives.


Marco Leonardelli Lovatto
Mechanical Engineer from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS, Brazil). 9 years of academic and professional experience in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), since 2008.

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Why hire CFD service?

Test your project under extreme conditions without a physical prototype.

Unveil the problems of intuition.

Modify a virtual prototype (faster and cheaper than a real prototype).

Get to the best configuration faster.



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CFD is not wizardry

Some say that CFD means “Colors For Directors”, a joke that translates the “visual appeal” that is sold sometimes, but that does not necessarily represent the physical or computational fidelity of the results delivered.

In fact, CFD accuracy is not offered by the software being used, let alone the level of numerical convergence, but by the team of engineers responsible for the calculations. Errors of a CFD software user are directly linked to his knowledge, carefulness and experience. For a specific user, deviations can only be minimized by a deep interaction with others. In the case of inexperienced users, it is important to interact with a CFD specialist on a daily basis to avoid major quality problems.

CFD is not wizardry. To get correct results, it is necessary to understand in advance the types of phenomena likely to occur in order to choose the physical models that best represent them, as well as the most appropriate computational methods. So, before hiring the next CFD service, call your current analysis providers and check if they can tell you how they are performing the simulations, specially regarding:

  • the continuity solver (pressure-based or density-based);
  • the solution sequence (coupled or segregated);
  • the turbulence stress-strain relationship (linear or non-linear);
  • and the boundary layer modeling (low-Reynolds or high-Reynolds, as well as the y+ resolution).

While CFD analysts should not be misled neither by the software capabilities or by its market share, service buyers must also be vigilant, because a visually appealing CFD presentation is not necessarily synonym of results of quality.

Do not hesitate to get in tough. It will be an honour to serve your company’s needs!

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